Over the past twenty years, breakthroughs in brain science, trauma-informed care practices, and social emotional learning in schools are dramatically reshaping the ways we’re addressing the causes, and repercussion, of childhood trauma. Thanks to bold thinkers and change-makers across the country, successful strategies are emerging across multiple disciplines.

Know of a program or individual doing innovative work to address children’s exposure to violence and trauma? We’d love to hear about it. 

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Medical research and brain science are revolutionizing the way we understand the development of a child’s mental and physical health. Let’s work to reverse the adverse effects of bullying, violence, and trauma so that kids can overcome toxic stress and thrive.

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Let’s create significant incentives for school districts to create positive school climates, and to keep students in school and out of the juvenile justice system.

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The justice system and community organizations must develop an understanding of the lifelong consequences of childhood exposure to violence and must improve awareness of solutions that help kids thrive.

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Defending Childhood communities are collaborating in innovative ways to create programs that work toward a common goal of less trauma, bullying and violence for children and families. Read some of their highlights below.

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